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MTK+ Bearing Factory NV/SA is a Belgium based manufacturing company, founded in 2005 as the result of a joint-venture between EMS INTERNATIONAL Company and the management of a bearing factory in Romania. Our headquarters are situated in Brussels. Since 2010, MTK+ Bearing Factory NV/SA obtained the ISO 9001 certificate. We are proud to keep one of the largest quality-bearing stocks in Europe. Our well experienced staff is multi-lingual, customer friendly, and always helpful to solve whatever problem or question you might have.

Whatever the circumstances, MTK+ acts according to international business laws, accounting regulations and auditing standards. We conduct our business following a strict ethics policy that guides our day-to-day management and strategy, resulting in a fair and honest business relationship with respect for our customers and distributors.

Address: MTK+ Bearing Factory NV/SA - Industriepark Guldendelle Joseph Chantraineplantsoen 2 - 3070 Kortenberg / Brussels-BELGIUM
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